Why Neverland Doodles


We are large family who love our dogs (as well as our cats, chickens, and honey bees).  Your puppy will be raised in-doors (in our music room to be exact) around people who love them.

Who we are not:

  • We are not a puppy mill. We are NOT trying to make as many puppies as we can as we disregard the health of our dogs in order to maximize profits. Our two dogs (girls) are part of our family and their health and quality of life is our first priority.  We therefore do not breed them every opportunity we get, but allow them to  fully recover and get a good break after raising a litter.  For this reason, we waited until they were over two years old before we bred them.
  • We are not a large scale commercial breeder. Therefore, you will not find professional photographs (we will do our best!), long applications or required puppy-family matching services. But, you will also notice our prices for our puppies are less than half what many large scale professional operations charge.


1)  We love labradoodles.  Allegra and I grew up with dogs.  In our early marriage we continued that tradition. Over the years we have had a Bluetick hound, Dachshunds, Dalmatians (which we bred), an Irish Setter, a Labrador, a Mastiff mix, Springer Spaniels (which we bred), and a Weimaraner.  And after all those, nothing compares to the intelligence, loyalty, desire to please and contentment of our Labradoodles. They are simply, in our mind at least, the best!

2) Provide life-experience for our children: As Allegra and I decided to breed these wonderful dogs, we realized the wonderful opportunity this provides for our kids to care and provide for these amazing animals and their puppies, as well as participating in a small business. So what do they do?


Anastasia (15) is our Puppy Midwife and Crate Trainer: She is the one who stays up with the momma dogs throughout the night and helps with labor.  Anastasia will be by the puppies’ side as they receive their veterinarian care. And once the puppies are old enough, they learn to love their crates with the help of Anastasia.

jac.jpgJosiah (14) is our Carpenter and Potty Trainer: Josiah helped daddy make the whelping boxes and will be taking the lead in puppy potty training.


Samaria (12) is our Dog Washer and Photographer: She makes sure Tiger and Lily get their regular baths.  She is also responsible for the pic’s you enjoy on our website.


Gideon (11) is our Dog Groomer and Chef: Once the momma dogs are washed, Gideon loves to sit down with them and give them a good brushing.  And when needed, he helps Mom with giving the dogs their haircut.  He also has responsibility over Tiger and Lily’s diet as they need a lot of nutrient-dense food while nursing.  So you will find Gideon, every other day, scrambling up some farm fresh eggs, while Tiger and Lily patiently wait nearby for their special treat.

MACMagdalene (9) is our assistant potty and crate trainer: Anastasia and Josiah will need lots of help in training these pups.  Magdalene is by their side to help.

epc.jpgEzekiel (8) is our puppy feeder: Ezekiel, under adult supervision, takes the lead in feeding our puppies once they begin to wean. He also makes sure our momma dogs have plenty of water to help while nursing.

efc.jpgEden (6) is the puppies’ maid: She helps Mom with the frequent washing and changing of the dogs’ blankets in the whelping box.


Patience (2) is our emergency alarm! If the puppies are awake or hungry or in need at all, Patience gets very concerned and let’s everyone know.  She hasn’t yet learned that puppies are pretty good at announcing their needs!

Dad runs the website and the marketing.

Mom  is our customer liaison and makes sure the puppies get the veterinarian care they need. Plus she oversees all operations of the Neverland Doodles.  After all, what else does she have to do?

3) To provide for our children’s activities AND for the care of the less fortunate.

As our kids run this business they hope to make some money so they can pay for their MANY activities including dance, baseball, boy scouts, piano, violin, guitar, church youth group, backpacking and their education!

But beyond supporting the kid’s activities, we are excited to bless the less fortunate as we will give 10% of all the money we make to help those in need. This is of course is another life lesson we seek to teach our children: that life is not just about all your fun activities, but finding ways to bless other people, in particular those who do not have the opportunities that we enjoy.  Therefore, If you adopt a puppy from us, 10% of what you pay will be used to support  West Africa Mercy Ministry, a children’s home for disabled, abandoned and neglected children in Ghana. They actively seek out these children and provide a safe, clean and loving home where they can grow and experience the love they so desperately need. Steven’s frequent trips to Ghana, and the plight of the orphan there, has changed our lives.  For this reason, we want to continue our support of this ministry, as well as care for the orphans in our community through our family’s commitment to foster care.