Welcome To Neverland Doodles!

We are now taking deposits for our summer litter (puppies will go home in June or July)

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Meet the Lost Boys (and Girls) of Bluemont Virginia,

If you look closely at the photo above you might be able to tell we are a big family! Eight kids (we’ve added our adopted daughter after that pic was taken). With that many kids, who are schooled at home, we need a lot of space! That’s why in 2014 we moved to Neverland forest, as our children call it, were little ones go outside to explore, build and seek adventure.

Yet despite all the fun, something was missing. Something four legged and furry. Something my boys reminded me of often, “Dad, can we get a dog? … Dad, can we get a dog? … Dad can we get a dog?”  Unfortunately the answer was no, since we have too many asthmatics in the house.  Then one wonderful day my kids discovered a thing called a labradoodle: a hypoallergenic dog, which rarely sheds and doesn’t produce the stuff that triggers allergies, like dander. What could I say.  So in January of 2014, our family grew as I sent my wife with a couple kids to get one of these dogs. To my surprise (and initial dismay) she came home with two! Sisters whom we call Tiger and Lily!

We have never known such wonderful dogs. Calm, intelligent, obedient and loving.  They truly are part of our family: they lie at our feet, play with us outside and even join us in the water when its lake time! In fact, they are such wonderful pets, that my parents, who sworn off ever getting a dog again, were won over by these two after about a year and now have a labradoodle all their own. My brother and his family also have adopted a labradoodle.

After a while we thought, these dogs are so precious that we could help others become as blessed with a labrodoodle as we are with ours.  So the Neverland Doodles was created.

Thanks for checking us out.  If you have any questions please let us know.


Call or Text: 703 399-6023 (Allegra); 703 399-4678 (Steven)

Please know that 10% of all proceeds will be used to support special needs orphans in Ghana, Africa through West Africa Mercy Ministry.

Thanks, The Lost Boys (and Girls) of Neverland Doodles

Our Family:

Steven (that’s me): I pastor a Baptist church and love building, hiking and coffee.

Allegra: Is a homeschool mom who mentors younger ladies and loves to cook and the rare quiet moment.

The Kids: Ages 17 to 4 love each other, their foster siblings, their friends, dance, baseball, backpacking, music and adventure!