Available Puppies

Lord of the Rings Litter- Nov 2019

Next litter scheduled for June 2020

female, 1lb 14oz
male, 2lbs
male, 2lb 1oz
female, 1lb 10oz
male, 2lb 5oz
male, 2lbs 11oz
male, 2lb 6oz
female, 2lb 1oz
female, 2lbs
male, 1lb 13oz
male, 1lb 10 oz


To reserve your puppy and be placed on the reservation list, please submit a $200 deposit. Deposits for our reservation list are refundable, if there is a not a puppy that fits with your family. Puppies will be selected in the order of deposits received. Deposits can be made through PayPal or by check payable to Steven Carne, 88 Lost Boys Lane Bluemont, Va 20135.

November 2019 Reservation List

  1. R.Z. Deposit Received 5/21
  2. A.E. Deposit Received  6/5
  3. P.M. Deposit Received 7/7
  4. P.T. Deposit Received 8/5
  5. M.L. Deposit Received 8/14
  6. N.M. Deposit Received 8/16
  7. A.N. Deposit Received 9/2
  8. L.S. Deposit Received 9/3
  9. M.M. Deposit Received 9/17
  10. U.G. Deposit Received 9/21
  11. C.T. Deposit received 10/28


*Past Litters*

Founding Father & Mothers! July 2019 Litter


Benjamin Franklin
Ben Franklin 2lb 14oz


Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross 2lb 14oz


John Adams
John Adams 3lb 12oz


Alexander Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 3lb 10oz


Thomas Jefferson
Tom Jefferson 2lb 5 oz


James Madison
James Madison 2lb 6oz


George Washington
George Washington 2 lb 12 oz


Dolly Madison
Dolly Madison 2lb 6oz




The puppies live in the house with us.  They have taken over the music room!  They are handled daily as the kids (and parents!) love to cuddle sweet puppies.  As soon as they are big enough, we will begin the potty training and kenneling process. For more information on how we care for these puppies click the Why Neverland Doodles tab.