Puppy Alumni

Some of our puppies that left Neverland to continue their adventures elsewhere.


7/18/19: Hi Allegra, We are so glad Ozzy has joined our family. He’s growing so fast! He’s doing a great job with house training, coming to his name, and sleeping through the night. He’s eager to please and a good learner. We are still working on leash walking and going up and down stairs. He had a vet visit and is in great health. We love playing with him and teaching him new things. We are looking forward to taking him with us to the beach in a few weeks to see how he likes the water. Thank you for your wonderful care.

12/4/18: Hello Allegra. It has been a while since I sent any pictures of Murphy.  He is now 1 years old and is the best dog ever. He is about 55 lbs and a lot of fluff!  He is super sweet and playful. He has changed the life of our 13 year old daughter who was really suffering from anxiety prior to Murphy.  She is a different person now and I truly believe it is because of him. Thank you for our amazing dog!


10/22/18 “Hi Allegra, This is “Susan’s” Family.  We wanted to share with your family that she is doing so well:). We think she is soo smart and soo sweet!!! She is especially a great friend to our children. She is the best dog we could have ever hoped for! Thank you to you all for giving us such an amazing dog :)! Take care, the K family.




5 thoughts on “Puppy Alumni

  1. Annie C

    Scout aka “ Mr Tumnus” has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves to play and has a strong liking for all socks! He is a big boy weighing in at 80 lbs and has a heart of gold.

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  2. Jessica Baber

    Hi Allegra and family! Stella (Betsy Ross) has made a wonderful addition to our family! She is SO lovable and the smartest pup! She is getting the hang of potty training, but is already so quick to learn different tricks! She truly loves being with us and we love being with her! She is truly one of a kind 💓

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  3. Tonya Satterfield

    Hi Allegra and family! Just wanted to drop a Note to give you guys an update on Foster! Foster is 10 months old as of Tuesday of last week and is the ͏By far the best thing that Santa could have brought our family! He’s a quick learner and in one hour learned sit, lay and paw, of course it required lots of treats, his favorite treats are cherry tomatoes:) Foster loves swimming in our pool but best of all he plays dress up with our 4 year old daughter! He started out as the 2nd runt of the litter and is now about 60 pounds and knocks any and everything down on tables with his tail because he wags it so hard! We are so thankful we found you guys and brought Foster home with us!

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  4. Annie Campbell

    We have enjoyed having Scout (aka Mr. Tumnus) in our family. He is an absolute sweetheart who follows directions and loves to play. Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies.

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  5. We are so pleased to have Charlie Hamilton with us. He is our pride and joy. He loves picking up sticks of all sizes and shapes. Every trip to the pasture he brings back a new stick. Charlie is so smart and talented. Thank you so much for raising these adorable puppies.

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