Say Hello to Sawyer,

Sawyer is a 13 month old Labradoodle who was returned to us from an adoptive family, who experienced a change in their family dynamics which left them unable to care for this wonderful pup. He is now ready for a family with an adoption fee of $1500. If interested in learning more about Sawyer please contact Allegra by call or text at 703 399-6023.

Coat: Sawyer has a beautiful wool coat, with a tight curl. He will be excellent for anyone needing a more hypoallergenic doodle.

Temperament: When Sawyer was returned to us he was a anxious and nervous dog, who had a tendency to jump. After spending a couple months back at Neverland, receiving LOTS of attention and training, he is a totally different dog. He is mellow, content and obedient. It took a few sleepless nights, but Sawyer is now kennel-trained too! Very intelligent and eager to please. He loves to play fetch and follows my boys wherever they go. Always ready for a good romp outside, Sawyer is also content to lay at our feet while relaxing indoors.

Health: Sawyer is up-to date on all his shots. He was checked out by our vet on last month and received a clean bill of health. He weighs about 70 lbs.